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Tuesday, 06 May 2008





I really wasn't too excited about the idea of putting polls on the BBQ Forum.  I had experimented with Internet Polls in the past and the results were not that great.  The first time I put polls on a website was on  Those polls on have been there for years and in all that time only around 1,000 people have bothered to vote.  Later on I tried using polls again and the results were just not that good.  So when the idea was brought up once again on the BBQ Forum I was not very happy.   

Posted by Parrothead on August 12, 2007 at 20:42:50:

Ray can an online poll be done on this site?  Maybe something weekly.  A person/computer could only vote once per item per week kind of like how our local newspaper does it and I've seen it on other sites as well.  Think its some sort of URL thing and allows a computer to only vote once.  Anyway would love to have a anonymous weekly vote on some of these issues, gas, pellets, vending, inject or not, rub, sauce, you name it. Wouldn't it be nice if both the lurkers and the posters all could vote their opinion without fear of trash talk or retribution and from letting things get out of hand. I'd think we'd get a truer sense of how people feel on these issues if we were allowed to be polled once in awhile.  It would be nice if the KCBS did something like this of its membership too but one can only wish.


However, even though I really didn't want to put polls on The BBQ Forum, I realized from the response to Parrothead's post that there was some interest so I decided to do it.  The thought of coming up with an idea for a new poll every week seemed at the time to be impossible.  Also the software to run these polls seemed to me to be a waste of money.   You can see from this post I made to the forum a few days later that time had not changed my mind about the idea. 

Posted by Ray Basso on August 15, 2007 at 15:11:46:

Since I have so much spare time on my hands, and since some of you asked for it I want to test a poll system. I am not too excited about putting polls up because my past experience is people simply won't take the time to vote.

So now we need to do some testing of this. I don't want to test it on the BBQ Forum so I have put a poll in the right side of the Grill Forum. I put it here just because it was an easy place to put the poll. I have one week to test this before I have to buy the poll system.

If this works OK I will incorporate the poll in the Heading of the BBQ Forum. I would also like to test changing the poll as I have a lot of options.

I could use some suggestions on what to poll for. So you can click on the "General" link on the grill forum and send me some ideas. If you send me an idea for the polls then be sure to send the options as well. I do not have time to answer your suggestions so don't be offended if I don't answer.

I may change this poll and the "look" of it every day for the trial week. So go back and vote on new ones. Also send me any problems you have with the polls.


Ray Basso

But I finally gave in and I have to say that I was wrong and adding the polls has been a positive, and insightfully look at what the people of The BBQ Forum are thinking.  The expense to run the polls has been minimal.  So I was wrong about that as well.  I was right in that coming up with new ideas for the polls has turned out to be a real pain at times.  I have received a lot of suggestions for the approximately weekly polls but some of the suggestions have not been anything I could use.  But, almost all the polls that we have used have been suggested by the people of The BBQ Forum. 

This all has lead to this web page being developed.  I wanted to tie the polls into the comments that were posted to the forum and what was happening in the world events and the what was going on in the barbecue world at that time.  I hope you enjoy reading about these polls.


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